AI Broadcast BOT

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of converting your text to speech in real-time with @AIBroadcastBot, a nifty text-to-speech bot for Telegram. This straightforward feature allows users to instantly transform any written text they send into high-quality audio, broadening the accessibility and appeal of their content.


Activating this feature is as easy as 1-2-3:


  1. Launch: Start a conversation with @AIBroadcastBot by searching for its handle in Telegram and initiating the bot.
  2. Send Text: Type out or paste any text you want to be read aloud into the chat with @AIBroadcastBot. This could be anything from a snippet of a book, a message you want to be voiced, or even an entire article.
  3. Receive Audio: Once your text is sent, the bot promptly processes your message and replies with an audio message. The audio file will deliver a clear, synthesized voice reading of your original text, which you can listen to directly within the Telegram app.


The user-friendly operation of @AIBroadcastBot eliminates all the complexity typically associated with text-to-speech software. No downloads, no subscriptions, just instant audio versions of your text messages ready to be shared with friends, followers, or to be used for personal convenience. Enhance your communicati