AI Broadcast BOT

Unleash the power of podcasting within your Telegram channel using @AIBroadcastBot, the ultimate tool for converting your written content into a rich audio experience. With this bot, initiating your own podcast series is a breeze, appealing to a growing audience of audio content enthusiasts. Dive into the podcasting world without the need for complex recording equipment or editing software; @AIBroadcastBot does it all within the familiar Telegram ecosystem.


Transform your channel into an audio hub in a few simple steps:


  1. Bot Administration: Assign the role of administrator to @AIBroadcastBot in your Telegram channel to enable its functionality.

  2. Posting Permissions: Ensure the bot has the requisite permissions to post messages so it can share your audio content with subscribers.

  3. Activation: Kick-off the process by forwarding any text update from your channel to @AIBroadcastBot.

  4. Automatic Audio Conversion: Watch as @AIBroadcastBot works its magic, automatically turning your text messages into clear, spoken audio. Each audio post is then published in response to the original message, creating a seamless thread of written and audio content for your followers.


Say goodbye to the barriers of traditional podcast creation and welcome a new era of accessibility and convenience with @AIBroadcastBot. Your Telegram channel can now serve as a launching pad for a professional-sounding podcast that resonates with your subscribers, delivering your message directly to their ears. Create, connect, and captivate with your voice - the @AIBroadcastBot makes it all possible at the touch of a button.