AI Broadcast BOT

Elevate the interactivity of your Telegram channel with @AIBroadcastBot's selective text-to-speech conversion feature. This innovative function enables your channel to convert messages into spoken audio selectively, using a designated trigger emoji. Fine-tune which messages get an audible voice and provide a dynamic, customized audio experience for your audience.


Setting up is quick and straightforward:


  1. Bot Setup: Give @AIBroadcastBot administrative privileges in your Telegram channel to empower it with posting capabilities.
  2. Permission Configuration: Adjust the channel's settings to grant the bot permission to post messages, which is essential for broadcasting audio content.
  3. Bot Activation: Get the ball rolling by forwarding any message from your channel to @AIBroadcastBot.
  4. Accessing Settings: Navigate to the @AIBroadcastBot’s Settings menu to customize its behavior.
  5. Selective Conversion: Choose the "Selective conversion" option in the settings to manage which channels will use this feature.
  6. Channel Configuration: Toggle selective conversion on or off for each channel ID according to your needs.
  7. Emoji Trigger: When selective conversion is activated, simply prepend the emoji to the start of your message. This serves as the trigger for the bot to identify and convert the message into audio.
  8. Auto-Conversion: After the specific emoji is detected, @AIBroadcastBot will automatically process and convert the flagged messages into high-quality audio, posting them in the channel for your followers.


By harnessing the power of selective conversion through @AIBroadcastBot, you control your channel's narrative by choosing which messages are amplified in audio format. Whether it's highlighting key announcements or sharing special content, this feature enriches user engagement and adds an audible dimension to your Telegram channel with ease and precision.