AI Broadcast BOT

The @AIBroadcastBot offers a compelling feature for news channel operators seeking to provide their audience with a dynamic and convenient listening experience. This bot is your all-in-one solution for automatic transformation of written news updates into engaging audio content, delivering a smooth radio-like broadcasting directly within your Telegram channel.


With its cost-effective and user-friendly interface, engaging your audience with audio content has never been easier.


Getting started is simple:


  1. Admin Integration: Assign @AIBroadcastBot as an administrator in your Telegram channel to unlock its broadcasting capabilities.

  2. Permission to Broadcast: Empower the bot with the ability to post messages by adjusting the channel’s settings to grant message posting permissions.

  3. Activate Bot: Jumpstart your audio experience by forwarding any message from your channel to @AIBroadcastBot.

  4. Auto-Conversion to Audio: Once activated, the bot will transform new text messages into audio format and automatically upload them to your channel, providing a continuous stream of voice content to your subscribers.


Wave goodbye to the hassle and investment of conventional broadcasting. With @AIBroadcastBot, you're just a few steps away from creating an engaging and unique listening experience directly on your Telegram channel.