AI Broadcast BOT

Enter the world of personalized audio messaging with @AIBroadcastBot's diverse voice selection feature on Telegram. This powerful text-to-speech bot elevates your channel's auditory appeal by enabling you to convert messages into speech using a variety of distinct voices. Tailor the listening experience to match your channel's personality or the content type with ease and innovation.


Customize your channel's voice in a few simple steps:


  1. Voice Settings: Access the voice customization features by pressing the "Settings" button within your chat with @AIBroadcastBot.
  2. Explore Voices: Click on the "Voices" option to browse the assorted range of available voice types for your audio messages.
  3. Channel Customization: Choose the channel ID for which you wish to customize the voice settings. This targeted approach allows for unique voice selections across different channels.
  4. Voice Selection: Employ the intuitive button interface to preview and select the desired voice that will represent your channel's text-to-speech audio.
  5. Automatic Conversion: Once you’ve made your voice choice, @AIBroadcastBot will apply this setting to your chosen channel. All new messages posted in the channel will be automatically converted into speech with the selected voice, enriching your content with a fresh and engaging vocal identity.


With this feature, @AIBroadcastBot goes beyond mere text-to-speech conversion; it opens up a new layer of creative expression. Your news updates can now carry the authoritative tones of a newscaster, your educational content can be voiced with the clarity of a teacher, or your daily tips can come across with the friendliness of a lifestyle coach. Whatever your preference or channel theme, the bot’s wide selection of voices ensures that your messages are received not just with clarity, but also with the right emotional undertone. Enhance your Telegram channel's charisma with the transformative voice selection feature of @AIBroadcastBot.